EG Personeelsdiensten has existed since 2001. The company originated from a former agricultural contacting firm, founded in 1990 by Edwin Grootscholten. Since 2001, besides Edwin, brother Leon Grootscholten has been co-owner of EG Personeelsdiensten.


EG Personeelsdiensten is active in the horticultural, packaging and wholesale industries. We specialise in contracting temporary foreign employees for short and for longer periods. We recruit our employees ourselves, through our offices in Poland and Romania.

Motivated employees

We treat our people well. And you will notice that from the motivation and job satisfaction of our employees. We pay our temporary workers well. Primarily, but also secondary and tertiary. We think along and assist in housing, transport and other matters that promote motivation and job satisfaction.

Quick and adequate

Thanks to our large network of clients and our extensive database of employees, we can switch quickly and adequately. That is advantageous for both temporary worker and client.