Are you coming to work at EG Personeelsdiensten and are you looking for accommodation in the Netherlands? We have different rooms and independent properties for rent, in the region of our clients. Comfortable living is important to work motivated and with pleasure.

Feel at home soon

As a labour immigrant, you have to get used to your new living and working situation in the Netherlands. You do not speak the Dutch language (yet) and you have to deal with cultural differences. Getting used to this takes time. A pleasant, safe living environment is conducive to getting acquainted in the Netherlands quickly and well.

A social life

Make use of the accommodation possibilities of EG Personeelsdiensten and get to know other labour migrants. This way you quickly build up a social life in your new living and working environment. Our experience shows that our employees who have arranged housing at EG Personeelsdiensten are happy with each other's company. That is fun and educational. Exchange experiences among each other, about work and private situations. Get to know Dutch culture better, drive together, do some shopping together and make things cosy together.

Nice location

We offer accommodation in the region of our clients. This way you are always assured of a good connection from home to work. Many colleagues who work with the same employer carpool together.